Accreditation & Insurance

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Go Rin Pou instructors are qualified under NCAS Level I minimum and MAIA Level I minimum. All instructors and even assistant instructors have up to date Senior 1st Aid. In addition, all instructors hold a current Blue Card for Working With children  [More details here] . Senior instructors also hold a Certificate III in Sports Coaching  Go Rin Pou instructors are also members of the AJJA and WJJF associations.

Whatever martial arts school you attend, you have a right to ask to see the instructor's qualifications and insurance.  All Go Rin Pou instructors are:

   ·          WJJF Associated

   ·          AJJA Affiliated

   ·          NCAS Qualified

   ·          MAIA Accredited

   ·          Blue Card Registered

There are only two recognised forms of Accreditation in the Martial Arts Industry. These are The NMAS (National Martial Arts Instructor Accreditation Scheme) administered by the MAIA and the NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) administered by the Australian Sports Commission in conjunction with a number of recognised martial arts NSO 's (National Sporting Organisations).  

Some organizations will make claim to being representative or ‘peak body' -  Look to who owns and runs the organization. There are some groups that claim to be representative or peak bodies but in fact are private organizations that are run for the profit of the owners. Organisations that are Pty Ltd Companies or worse still a simple registered business name are just that private businesses set up to make a profit – there is nothing wrong in making a profit but there is a lot wrong with implying that you are in some way helping the industry when the profit motive is the prime reason that your business functions. Bona fide organizations will be able to provide audited accounts, have regular elections of office bearers and be registered non profit organizations. Non Profit Organisations will be State registered incorporated bodies that will have ‘Inc.' after their organisatioin name. You can check on an organizations status by going to the ASIC  [ Search here ]