Kali Seminar

 Kali Seminar

Chances to train at this level with a worldwide recognised Arnis expert are rare.

Don’t miss out

Colin Davis Sensei is Yondan Mushin Ryu Ju Jtitsu & long time instructor in the Northern Territory, now retired to Hervey Bay. He is still a regular contributor to the AJJA national conference and seminars and freely shares his expertise in Kali / Eskrima  (Phillipino stick fighting) with students.

Sensei Davis is also 6th degree Doce Pares Arnis and graded to 4th dan directly under the Philipino masters during his time on the islands.

An expert eskrimador, Col toured extensively with Soke Jan De Jong and accompanied Soke through his first tour of Europe teaching Kali to many schools. We now know what a huge influence this has been on European martial arts and the legacy lives on.

We have convinced Sensei Col to do 1 more seminar. He has some Kata (Drills) he would like to pass on and is one of the few experts in Australia that can do so with such vast expertise and rich experience.

Back for 1 more go only, by popular demand;

Sensei Col Davis – Kali / Eskrima Seminar

Caboolture PCYC Saturday 27th April. 10am – 1pm.

We will run an extra hour advanced class after lunch if there are enough takers, no extra charge.

Bring your kali sticks if you have them.  ( Wooden facsimiles will do)   We have some spares for those without.

The cost $10 per student. For AJJA members and member schools $20 non-members.

Light lunch available on site or bring your own.  Wear your gi.

Please RSVP by close of business Friday to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by txt to 0405318449 with your name, club and number of students in your accompanying party.