First Go Free

Your first night is always free at Redcliffe, You can even bring a friend for free too. 

It costs nothing to try and there are no strings, no catches and no contracts. We will never ask you for your credit card number.   There is more details about what to wear and contact details here on this site.

In your first 2 lessons we will be able teach you valuable techniques that are proven to work & that you will remember forever. So it is a worthwhile investment of your time even if you only ever do 2 lessons. 

Your instructors are very experienced and qualified to teach specifically 'self defense' with Australian Government recognized qualifications. Teaching a martial art is one thing but it takes more than a black belt certificate to teach self defense!  What works for a strong, fit martial arts instructor/practitioner in the dojo may not work against a larger stronger attacker in the street. Go Rin Pou Ju jitsu is a collection of devastating techniques that are specifically designed to work on larger, stronger attackers in the street. 

Go Rin Pou instructors have been teaching locally in PCYCs and community organisations for over 20 years. They are all Blue Card registered, long time members of the AJJA and World Federation. They also have Australian Government recognized 'Training' qualifications and Security certification, things that most 'sporting' martial arts instructors don't carry.