Choose a martial art that is right for You!

JU-JITSU IS NOT A SPORT  - Our system is a true “self defence” discipline , it is not a fighting sport.  There are many great martial arts 'sports' available if that is what you are looking for. There are some martial arts sports that are not suitable for self defense. choose carefully. click read more below for some ideas.....

JU JITSU IS NOT AN EXERCISE CLASS -  Anyone can do Ju Jitsu.  Any fitness level and any body type however Ju Jitsu will not by itself make you fit.  If you are primarily looking for fitness, think about a gym or a boot camp class? Find out how Ju Jitsu  can help your fitness along your learning journey....  

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How to check instructor's accreditation & insurance

Go Rin Pou instructors are qualified under NCAS Level I minimum. All instructors and even assistant instructors have up to date Senior 1st Aid. In addition, all instructors hold a current Blue Card for Working With children  [More details here] . Senior instructors also hold a Certificate III in Sports Coaching  Go Rin Pou instructors are also members of the AJJA and WJJF associations.

Whatever martial arts school you attend, you have a right to ask to see the instructor's qualifications and insurance.   Read on to see what to look for .....

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Welcome to Go Rin Pou Ju Jitsu

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Member & Prospective Member Notices

 We're Still Here

Go Rin Pou has recently closed its branches at Bribie and Caboolture.  The good news is that training is on as normal at the Redcliffe branch at the same times as usual.  Existing members from other branches are of course always welcome at the Redcliffe and this is the place to continue your jujitsu training!

Prospective members, your first night is free and it's worth a try even if you live outside of the area, it's worth the drive.

Click here to find out how to get your first go free.

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Click here for class times and locations 

Read below to find out more about our club.

Updating site

Thanks for your support and patience. There are some links broken on this site but we are repairing them as we go. Things change quickly in cyberspace and we are trying to keep up just with volunteer resources.

Jujitsu, Jui-jitsu, Jujutsu, Ju Jitsu, Juijitsu, Ju Jutsu, or any other way you can spell it. It was created on the battlefield as the most effective close quarter combat system ever developed. It was developed over a 1000 years by the samurai who survived the battles, not in a sport stadium or a gym. One system that dealt in the most efficient way with hand to hand, armed or unarmed and single serial or multiple attackers.

Ju-Jitsu loosely translated means "science of softness" or "gentle art" and is applied to many schools of unarmed and hand-to-hand combat. The soft grappling style was intended to help unarmed soldiers to fight against armed enemies in any way possible, using the least amount of force necessary. Ju-Jitsu was the primary unarmed combat method of the Samurai. Aikido, Judo, Karate and Sumo are modern day descendents of Ju-Jitsu. Modern Day Ju Jitsu is a very effective method of self defence rather than a fighting sport.

Ju-Jitsu emphasizes turning an attacker's own force against him or herself, putting them off balance. Ju-Jitsu also emphasizes certain grappling moves and strikes to vital areas. A Ju-Jitsu student is expected to learn how to gauge the force of an opponent's attack and use it against him, evade attacks, use leverage against an opponent and how to attack nerves and pressure points.  It is therefore ideal for anti bullying, streetwise self defence. Also, because it does not rely on strength it is ideal for women & children to defend against larger stronger attackers. Students always achieve increased confidence, fitness & self discipline through Ju-Jitsu. 

The main goal in Ju-Jitsu practice is to cultivate a person's mind and body.We teach safety, discipline and respect for self, others and community as core to our art.

We also teach Anti-Bullying, Stranger Danger and have a classes for students 8 & under, 11 & under, 15 & under, seniors up to any age, beginners to advanced.  Learn more about Ju Jitsu ....

This website is under construction. It is experiencing a' transformative change from within'. We are building 'one with everything'   Please be patient. We are almost finished.

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How to get started

Go Rin Pou holds classes at the PCYC Redcliffe ,almost non stop through the year. Ask at the front desk of the PCYC for directions to the Ju jitsu class.  Sit and watch if you like. One of our instructors will notice that you are new and introduce themselves and get you started, If you want to have a go your first night, (recommended)  wear loose fitting longer than knee length track suit pants or similar and a lose fitting t-shirt. Don't wear expensive clothing!  If we are doing work that requires you to wear a Gi (a uniform) we will lend you one. First night is always free! 

Training locations, times, costs and contact details here.....

Read more: How to get started


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