How to get started

Go Rin Pou holds classes at the PCYC Redcliffe ,almost non stop through the year. Ask at the front desk of the PCYC for directions to the Ju jitsu class.  Sit and watch if you like. One of our instructors will notice that you are new and introduce themselves and get you started, If you want to have a go your first night, (recommended)  wear loose fitting longer than knee length track suit pants or similar and a lose fitting t-shirt. Don't wear expensive clothing!  If we are doing work that requires you to wear a Gi (a uniform) we will lend you one. First night is always free! 

Training locations, times, costs and contact details here.....

For your first lesson, both juniors and seniors are encouraged to turn up at the beginning of warm up time for juniors. That is 6 pm at each dojo.  If you stand and watch for a few minutes, someone will notice that you are new. (If you sit down and blend in with the spectators/parents, we might not notice you straight away.)

If you have a voucher for your first 2 lessons free, or if you have sent a text message to claim your 2 free lessons, ask anyone in a Ju-Jitsu uniform to direct you to the instructor and we will get you started.

The warm up is often quite light especially on your first night. People of all fitness levels can do Ju-Jitsu. 

You wont be doing any complicated techniques on your first night but you will learn self defense components that you will remember forever. We use building blocks of learning so we will start of with the basics and safety components. Your first 2 lessons will be crammed full of proven effective self defense. There are no dangerous or risky techniques and you won't suffer any aches or pains as the pace is moderate and self paced. Our instructors are very experienced and you will have fun while you learn.

Families are very welcome. Children often seem to fair well when a parent is involved as they get a better feeling of the what is demanded of the child.  Beginners both junior and senior will likely be in the same class until you are ready to advance to curriculum studies.  From then, adults should attend the beginner adult class only. Adult students who turn up to the junior class often get work to do. This is encouraged as there is lots to do if everyone helps out it means more time for learning.  

 Redcliffe Training times


q        Juniors ( 5yo-11 )         6:30 pm - 7:30 

q        Juniors ( 12yo-15yo )   6:30 pm  - 7:30 

q        Seniors                           7:30 pm  - 8:30 

q        Private Lessons by appointment

Instructor -  Shihan Tom Bellamy

Instructor -  Sensei Tony Fernley

Contact    - 0419 671 962

PCYC Kippa-Ring  - Klingner Road, Kippa Ring  - 3385 1900      .  

      Juniors - Warm up from 6 pm

Seniors - Warm up from 7 pm





Dojos are generally open during school holidays, and closed on any public holidays. The dojos are generally closed for 3 to 4 weeks over Christmas.  If in doubt - check for opening dates and times  0419 671 962