Membership Fees Changed


There are changes to Membership fees for ALL MEMBERS. PLEASE READ THIS

Renewing members, your memberships are DUE on the anniversary or immediately after your 3rd lesson if you were not financial last year.  Memberships fees no longer include PCYC Fees.   SORRY!   PCYC Fees now need to be paid separately.


1st Year*


1st Yearl inc PCYC

Renewal inc PCYC

Senior Student


 $ 55


$ 85

Junior Student


 $ 55


$ 75

Junior Dragon Cub


 $ 35


$ 55

*1st Year Includes $100 towards approved adult Gi  or $80 toward Dragon Cub Gi.  **Extra badges $10   **Extra curriculums $12 


All students must mow pay their PCYC membership separately

Because the PCYC office is closed when Caboolture students train, Caboolture student can make payments to the club and it will be receipted on your behalf. PCYC Fees are as follows:


Junior Membership (u18)            $20.00

Adult Membership (18+)              $30.00

Family Membership                       $60.00

Seniors Membership                     $6.00


The fee table shown above including the PCYC is the most you will pay. If you are eligible for a PCYC family membership or a seniors membership your yearly cost may be reduced.


Go Rin Pou Ju Jitsu maintains affiliations and memberships with the Australian Ju Jitsu Association (AJJA), World Ju Jitsu Federation (WJJF) and the Martial Arts Industry association MAIA. Go Rin Pou also has $10m Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is on top of the your PCYC insurance.

If the annual fees from members don’t cover these items, it comes out of your instructor’s pockets. If there is some left over we use it for trophies and Christmas parties etc. The Club is run as a non profit organization. Instructors also pay their own membership costs as above.

Your instructors also maintain their own AJJA & WJJA membership costs. They also are responsible for training and accreditation with the MAIA and NCAS as well as their own first aid certificate costs.

Some Instructors also hold additional AQTF Certificate qualifications in Sports Coaching, Training and Assessment and security.  Go Rin Pou has some of the most qualified instructors in the industry and non of this comes out of your training fees. It is all the responsibility of the instructor.