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Sensei Nathan Limbert doing one of our many public demonstrations. 


Sensei Brenda Adams at the 2012 Australian Ju Jitsu Association National Seminar  at Olympic Park Dojo Homebush Sydney. Sensei is explaining how to apply a wrist lock.





Sensei Thomas Bellemy,, Shihan Jan De Yong and Sensei Tony Fernley looking young fit and healthy. 



Shihan Jan De Yong, Sensei, Hans De Yong and a very young Sensei Tony Fernley.

We go back a long way.




Sensei K Saito,  Soke Jan De Jong's insructor.

 Professor Jigoro Kano together with at the time, some of Japan's foremost Ju Jitsu practitioners.

Professor Kano is widely known a the inventor of Judo however it is often forgotten that he was for his generation a preeminent Ju jitsu devotee.  

There were hundreds of discrete Ju Jitsu  styles  (or schools) at the time and 1000s of individual family dojos.  The lineage of each style can still be traced through its tangled web.

The Style of the Saito brothers can be traced directly back to the ancient Samurai.