Go Rin Pou Instructors


Shihan Tom Bellamy Sichidan 7th dan  Ju Jitsu, 4th dan Karate, 6th dan Judo.


Thomas Bellamy founded Go-Rin-Pou Ryu and is the chief instructor.  


Tom is also an expert in Kali, Escrima, Arnis, Akido, Iaido, Pentjak Silat and Jeet Kune Do under Dan Insonato ( Bruce Lee’s Right Hand Man ).    The Go-Rin-Pou system draws heavily from the teachings of Soke Jan de Jong’s Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu, and other qualifications and styles.  It brings together Musashi's 5 elements and preserves the lost art of Kazushi, a key element in transferring practiced technique into practically applicable, “real life” self defence that actually works.  Soke Jan de Jong’s  lineage in Tsutsumi Hozan Ryu can be traced directly to the origins of ju-jitsu in ancient Japan.


Shihan Bellamy is qualified in Sports Coaching, an ambulance officer by trade means his first aid qualifications unsurpassable. Shihan is a long-time member of the AJJA and WJJF.

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Sensei Tony Fernley  Rokudan  6th degree Ju Jitsu black belt

Sensei Fernley was a pivotal member of the original Go Rin Pou style and its formation. His association with our Shihan predates this club. You may not know but Shihan Bellamy has won quite a few Ju Jitsu competitions as a young black belt. His partner in crime at the time seen in this photo with a younger then nidan Tom Bellamy was Sensei Tony Fernley. In this photo you will also see our patriarch and the man most influential for Shihan Tom’s  creation of Go Rin Pou then Shihan, now Soke Jan de Yong.  Young Sensei Fernley also won his fair share of competition and is still a formidable fighter although he has been out of fitness training for some time.  Both Shihan Tom and Sensei Tony have won international contests and if you get the chance to train with Sensei Tony you will immediately notice those years of experience coming in to play. 







Sensei Ian Lever  Nidan  Ju Jitsu black belt.

Sensei Lever  was an original member of the Go Rin Pou style and is well trained in Kali and several other martial arts.

All Go Rin Pou instructors carry current first aid certificates, Blue Card Certification and NCAS Accreditation.