Sensei Nathan Limbert doing one of our many public demonstrations. 


Sensei Brenda Adams at the 2012 Australian Ju Jitsu Association National Seminar  at Olympic Park Dojo Homebush Sydney. Sensei is explaining how to apply a wrist lock.





Sensei Thomas Bellemy,, Shihan Jan De Yong and Sensei Tony Fernley looking young fit and healthy. 



Shihan Jan De Yong, Sensei, Hans De Yong and a very young Sensei Tony Fernley.

We go back a long way.




Sensei K Saito,  Soke Jan De Jong's insructor.

 Professor Jigoro Kano together with at the time, some of Japan's foremost Ju Jitsu practitioners.

Professor Kano is widely known a the inventor of Judo however it is often forgotten that he was for his generation a preeminent Ju jitsu devotee.  

There were hundreds of discrete Ju Jitsu  styles  (or schools) at the time and 1000s of individual family dojos.  The lineage of each style can still be traced through its tangled web.

The Style of the Saito brothers can be traced directly back to the ancient Samurai.







26/10/2012 - Bribie dojo opens Thursday nights as of 8th November 2012  [Peter]
16/10/2012 AJJA Seminar attended - 

06/09/2012 - Karl's back [Peter]

20/07/2012 Demo on PCYC Redcliffe tomorrow ( Sat 21/07/2012 ) at 1 pm. Please txt peter you name if you are attending. if you are attending come dressed in gi and be there by 12:30. We wont be doing anything we have not done before. Bring weapons. Cost is zero. [Peter]

Make a note in your calendars - the 2012 AJJA national annual seminar will be held 13/14 October, in the same location as the past few years, at Homebush, Sydney Australia. [Brenda]
11/03/2012 - Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi, 8th dan all Japan Karate Do Gojukai, President & Chief Instructor Gojuryu Karate Do Seiwakai , Head Of Overseas Committee, Jkf Gojuka, is visiting Australia and you are invited to train.
Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi will be presenting Kumite Drills, JKF Kata, Kata Bunkai at the Sports Karate Australia Dojo 29 Fox Street, Wynnum North on Sunday 11 March - 9am And 2pm
(3 Hour Sessions) $12

03/03/2012 - Mark becomes an Aussie!  [Peter]

18/02/2012 - To increase perception the samurai would apply a Zen mind ( to know nothing is to know everything ) this is to empty your mind of all thought as not to cloud what's happening in the present moment ,masashi would couple this with what he called the 10,000 mile gaze this is to open up ones periferial vision not allowing tunnel vision.application of this will increase perception therefore increase reflexive action ......... Tom Bellamy Shihan

15/02/2012 - Black Belt Grading, Tony Yondan, Brenda Sandan, Peter Shodan.

30/01/2012 Sensei Tony Fernley is back [Peter]

23/01/2012 To receive a rank of sho-dan you make a commitment to uphold the traditions and teachings and to pass them down to the next generation who you consider capable to bear this responsibility.you are also expected to have a deep enough knowledge of the art to add and adapt techniques to a changing world. You also commit to an ongoing pursuit for humble perfection. Remember happiness comes from when your words and actions are of benefit to others.  [ Tom Bellamy ] 

17/01/2012 - Added to "FAQ", "Is Ju Jitsu a Sport?" and "Why all the Bowing and Ritual?" [Karl]

17/01/2012 - Will & Jack from Redcliffe both got Red Certificates for excellent katana parts projects they did on the holidays. 

16/01/2012  - George is back!   [Peter]