What to expect at classes

Go Rin Pou holds classes at the PCYC Redcliffe almost non-stop through the year. Ask at the front desk of the PCYC for directions to the Ju jitsu class.  Sit and watch if you like. One of our instructors will notice that you are new and introduce themselves and get you started, If you want to have a go your first night, (recommended)  wear loose fitting longer than knee length track suit pants or similar and a lose fitting t-shirt. Don't wear expensive clothing!  If we are doing work that requires you to wear a Gi (a uniform) we will lend you one. First night is free!


Everyone always asks  ‘is it safe?’.  The short answer is ‘yes’.


The long answer :


In 20 years of instructing we have never had a serious injury, serious enough to call an ambulance ( and our policy is to call an ambulance for anything from a suspected break up ) . However if you asked if you will experience any pain or could expect any minor injuries, I would also need to answer  ‘Yes‘.   There are potential risks involved with self defence training and there is a strictly enforced code of conduct while you are training that serves to protect you and your training partners.    You can even train if you have an injury or chronic injury.  You need to advise your instructor and you may need to get a doctor’s clearance to train if it is a serious condition.


If you don’t go home with a few bumps or bruises or aching muscles, you are not trying hard enough.


Learning and practicing self defence techniques give many benefits including improved confidence, improved self discipline, and last but not least, an improved capacity to defend yourself.   When practiced correctly these activities are reasonably safe and as safe as any other similar self defence system or martial art .     However, there are dangers if instructors’ instructions are not followed exactly and correctly or established safety procedures are not followed.   There is an inherent risk in any activity that involves any self defence activities.   Once you start practicing self defence methods you are exposing yourself and your training partners to an increased risk of injury.  Unfortunately you cannot learn self defence without this risk.


Ju Jitsu contains physical activities and is a “full contact” activity. Accidental and incidental pain may be an expected part of this activity however, instructors do their utmost to reduce this pain to tolerable amounts and strive to prevent actual injuries. We cannot absolutely prevent training partners from causing or sustaining injuries as part of normal activities.


More questions? Call an instructor, even if it’s just to say hi, & that you are coming for your 1st lesson.   


Ju Jitsu is not a sport and it is not an excersise class.  Any size, any shape, 7 to 70.  You don’t need to be physically fit to learn to defend yourself.    Anyone can do Ju Jitsu.  Any fitness level and any body type however Ju Jitsu will not by itself make you fit.  If you are primarily looking for fitness, think about a gym or a boot camp class?


JU-JITSU IS NOT A SPORT - Our system is a true “self defence” discipline , it is not a fighting sport.   We teach safety, discipline and respect for self, others and community as core to our art. 

In this martial art you learn to repel and disarm attacks using the attacker’s own weight and strength against them. It is therefore ideal for anti bullying, streetwise self defence. Because it does not rely on strength it is ideal for women & children to defend against larger stronger attackers. Students always achieve increased confidence, fitness & self discipline through Ju-Jitsu.  

There are several derivatives and descendants of Ju Jitsu that have been turned into sports. These include Judo, Akido, Karate and Brazilian Ju Jitsu ( wrestling or BJJ ) If you are looking for a martial art based sport there is also, Boxing, Thai Boxing & Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Tai Kwon Do,  and MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ) All of these have rules, referees points, two combatants in a game with one winner and one lose for each bout.

 There are several other martial arts that are suitable for self defence. they include Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Capoeira  and Krav Maga


JU JITSU IS NOT AN EXERCISE CLASS - We will take in to account your size strength and fitness and modify your level of activity within the training session.  Anyone can do Ju Jitsu.  Any fitness level and any body type however Ju Jitsu will not by itself make you fit.   We can point you in the right direction of getting fit and many participants say that doing Ji-Jitsu motivates them to do other exercise. Our main goal is to teach you the techniques and disciplines of ju-jitsu and you may get fit along the journey.